Why Not Blog About It Then?

Why am I writing a blog? That is a really good question. I haven’t figured that out quite yet, but there have been multiple occasions in which I have thought to myself “Oh my God, if I had a blog I would totally write about this and everyone would think I was so funny.” … So I guess thats my reason for now.

I currently am doing the whole college thing. I am a senior in a semi-conservatory style acting program. I am a barista at Starbucks. I also act in an improv Murder Mystery dinner theater. This is the point in which people usually say “Oh wow, so you’re going to be an actor?! Like what, Broadway?” To which I reply “Hah hah… No. I am going to be a professional barista.”      Its a joke…

Really though, I think the number one thing I learned in acting school thus far is that I don’t want to be a professional actor. Of course I have considered dropping the program (I truly believe every one does, this program makes you question everything.) However, I didn’t, because I feel the same way I did when I auditioned three years ago-I just feel like I am in the right place. I have overwhelming respect for those who put everything on the line for their dreams to perform. I also truly respect my professors who have poured three years worth of wisdom, passion and expertise out on me. They are more than professors- they have been life mentors, and I will hold onto the knowledge I have gained forever. Being in the program, (I sound like an alcoholic) has certainly changed who I am as a person. I did not just soak up black and white text on a page, everyday was an adventure of self discovery, testing my limits, and forcing me to see the best and worst sides of humanity. I got to see humans be humans in their most raw states (No I don’t mean nudity. Well…maybe a bit of it.) There is something so profound about being in an intimate environment with the same 20 people for three years. They are all beautiful humans that I have both been able to open my soul up to, and who have also opened their souls to me.   It truly is a remarkable thing.

So thats my degree. What am I doing with it? I have some ideas. Definitely no New York, or L.A, but ill write about that later.

I live in Salt Lake City in a four bedroom house with three wonderful people. Its pretty much been myself, Denyse, and Makaia for over a year now, and the fourth bedroom has been the one that keeps changing. Right now, it is Jake. Denyse is the most amazing, free spirited human I have ever met. She has a puppy Maia who is a German Shepard/Beagle. She is in school as well, but to be a nutritionist. Makaia is the youngest of the bunch, she always has been. Like so many, she is cruising around finding her niche. She has the most adorable dog named Chase (or Chasers if you will.) He is most definitely your classic old man. He snores so loud it rattles my bedroom downstairs. Jake is our newest roommate. He is one of my wonderful boyfriends best friends. He used to do stand up, and for what ever reason doesn’t anymore. My mission is to make him do that again because he is hilarious.

Anyway, I guess thats a short version about what I am doing with my life.